Dancing From Home


A new frontier of dance training has arrived — online dance classes from home. Dancing in bedrooms, basements, garages, and small spaces is definitely a unique experience. So how can you make the most of it?

Founder of Motivated Movers, Elise Melendez, teaching an online beginner jazz class.

Create Your Space.

While it may not be a studio with mirrors and a sprung floor, it’s helpful to feel at home and set the stage for comfort in your space.

  • Consider the height of the device displaying your class so you are not straining your neck to observe.
  • Strive to create privacy if possible, asking those in your shared space to give you time.
  • Clear the floors so you have as much room as possible to take up space.
  • Set the mood with a lit candle, windows open to let in the sunlight, or something motivational in sight to spark inspiration.
  • And bonus points if you find a portable mirror to use as a self-correction tool!

Be Intentional.

Arrive to every class with a purpose for dancing. This may be seeking to learn something new, striving to build your dance technique, looking for a way to calm your restless mind, or more. There is no wrong answer to why you dance. Then pick an intention for how you will honor that why while dancing. Let this intention be your compass for navigating the class ahead.

Stay Curious.

Every moment of class is precious, so use it. Get inquisitive with how a specific movement feels in your body, what happens when you make a shift of your weight, how a movement changes when using your breath, or even how a step makes you feel. With virtual classes, you are your best teacher. Remaining curious throughout class will help you discover more and grow your confidence.

Choose Safety.

We support you in trying new moves, practicing those turns, and stretching towards greater flexibility. However, we also encourage you to keep safety in mind. This is especially important when a teacher isn’t physically present and the floors are not designed for dance. Safety looks like: choosing footwear that is best for you, keeping your space clear, using proper alignment, asking questions for clarity, and listening to what your body is telling you. Trust your intuition while dancing and stay safe.

Keep An Open Mind.

We all know how easy it is to let negative thoughts creep in during class; judging your every step, stumble, mistake, attempt, look, and moment. Your mind can make or break your experience of class, but sometimes it’s hard to move past that inner monologue. Acknowledge the thoughts that arise, take a deep breath, and respond with a more positive, compassionate thought. Dancing is a process, both emotionally and physically.

Practice Grace.

The mere fact that you are choosing to dance is worth being celebrated. You are doing something positive for yourself as an artist, a dancer, and a human. How empowering is it to know that simply by tuning into class you have achieved success?! Thank yourself for the opportunity of growth, remember that movement will feel different in your body every day, and offer yourself grace through the experience.

Embrace Community.

We are all in this together. It may not always feel that way virtually, but it is true. We are in this together as artists, as compassionate humans, and as a motivated community. When we celebrate the successes, struggles, and discoveries of others in our community we spread joy, positive energy, and love that will come back to us to help us on our own journey. Find ways in class to stay engaged through the chatbox, visual cues, using your voice in conversation, and more. Cultivate connection through dance and practice gratitude for the shared experience.

Most importantly, remember to dance for you. If these suggestions resonate with you, try using them to evolve your experience. Listen to your intuition, honor your unique process, and just keep dancing.

About Motivated Movers

Motivated Movers was founded by Elise Melendez & Jesse Miller to ensure performing artists have a supportive space to learn to dance confidently and navigate the demands of the arts industry as movers. We help artists evolve into storytellers through dance.

Today we are a global community filled with dancers beginning and returning to dance. We believe that everyone can and deserves to dance, but we need a judgment-free and intentional space to find joy in being a beginner. We create that space, introduce you to your inner dancer, and help you harness the power of dance.

Learn more about our community.

A community powered by artists dedicated to making the power of dance and creative movement accessible to every body. www.motivatedmovers.community

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