Harnessing the Power of Dance to Complete Your Stress Cycle

After eight years of dancing together at Motivated Movers we know one thing to be true: that dance is a powerful tool for every body, not just the trained dancer. So when the pandemic began we had one goal — to keep our community dancing through the uncertainty. We immediately transitioned to offering live virtual classes, determined to make sure that the tool of dance was available to anyone who needed it. Within months our community expanded exponentially. Dancers from 32 countries around the globe were tuning in week after week to dance in community. It was remarkable.

It also…


A new frontier of dance training has arrived — online dance classes from home. Dancing in bedrooms, basements, garages, and small spaces is definitely a unique experience. So how can you make the most of it?

Founder of Motivated Movers, Elise Melendez, teaching an online beginner jazz class.

Create Your Space.

While it may not be a studio with mirrors and a sprung floor, it’s helpful to feel at home and set the stage for comfort in your space.

  • Consider the height of the device displaying your class so you are not straining your neck to observe.
  • Strive to create privacy if possible, asking those in your shared space to give you time.
  • Clear the…

Motivated Movers

A community powered by artists dedicated to making the power of dance and creative movement accessible to every body. www.motivatedmovers.community

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